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How to Launch Gary Vee's Favorite
Marketing Strategy

If you want to act on what Gary Vaynerchuk is teaching you, start here.

Gary’s Favorite Marketing Strategy

Gary Vaynerchuk always talks about the targeting tactics you can use on Google. But one YouTube Ads targeting tactic is mentioned in a shit ton of videos. And here it is: reaching people on YouTube who search for particular keywords on Google. 

 Just take a look at the video below, start at 18:49. 


An example is someone who searching for “lawyers in SF” on Google. If your law firm owned this keyword on Google Search, it could cost you up to $15 per click on a text ad for your business. Instead you can target these people searching for your best Google Search keywords on Google at a later time when they are browsing YouTube where you can bring your brand to life with video and it costs only $.02 to $0.05 per view. Would you choose 500 views on YouTube or one click on Google? This targeting tactic will save you a lot of money!

And the best part is the video doesn’t need to be Television quality, we’ve seen some the highest converting videos to be selfies of the business owner talking about the value they provide to customers.

What’s it Called?

This is called Custom Intent Audience targeting.

We have seen Custom Intent Audience targeting produce higher ROI and performance than even Google Search Ads. This targeting feature turns YouTube into a performance marketing machine. You can add this as targeting tactic for Video campaigns in Google Ads.

How do I implement Custom Intent targeting?

If you’re trying to implement Custom Intent Audience targeting yourself, you can spend time here and below are a few tips:

  • Build your audience using keywords from your top performing Google Search campaigns.
  • Keep your keywords and topics contextually relevant to each other.
  • Make tailored creative that matches what your custom audience is looking for.
  •  If you want to create multiple audiences, create a new ad group in your campaign for each audience. This will help you easily measure performance and ad spend amounts.
  • For budget, consider starting with $10/day or multiply your cost per customer by 5 to get a good daily budget. 

If you need a marketing agency to implement Custom Intent targeting, expect them to charge you upwards of $5K/month.

Custom Intent Audience targeting can be difficult to implement, for one you have to create your own audience using keywords and topics. And another reason is because it’s hard to find this feature within the Google Ads interface.

Create Custom Audiences Like a Pro

With Plai you can launch your YouTube Custom Intent Audiences like a pro in few steps by selecting the Smart Video launch. Marketing is your new superpower! 

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We take a budget-friendly approach and with just $5 of ad spend you could reach over 100 people with this targeting tactic.

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